I'm a Finnish Jazzmusician, composer, conductor and producer.

I have worked 30 years as a professional musician around the world with a wide collection of projects, doing concerts, recordings, workshops and theater works.

I have a master degree from the Sibelius Academy (Uniarts Helsinki). I have also lived and studied in New York, Paris, Copenhagen.


I have my own group MMQ (Mika Mylläri Quintet), but I play in several bands in Finland and abroad. I have worked since 1997 in the UK with great musicians and bands like, Ed Jones quintet, Jonathan Gee, US3 to name a few. 

I have  always composed music for all types of bands and styles, without boundaries. Classical singers, Chamber orchestras, Pop music, Jazz, big bands, Rock music, world music.


I also have been asked to arrange for many types of studio sessions, a regular basis. These projects go many times hand in hand with producing work. I have recorded, mixed and produced many albums in the 20 years time and particularly in the last 5 years


Always, in new ideas my heart lies, so don't hesitate to contact me.


As a musician, composer and producer I'm always open for new ideas. That's where my heart lays, creating  magic together! 

So don't hesitate contacting me!